Our Story

Hello, I would like to introduce myself!
  • I am Alaverdi Wine-Restaurant and my main focus is on Georgian tradional food and wine.

  • I was open 3 mounths ago and I always welcome everyone who visits me because my job is to make your time-being enjoyable, my cozy atmosphere will make you comfortable from the first second.

  • I like big companies who came to spend quality time.

And now a bit about Georgia and the culture!

  • Georgia is a small country with only 3.7 million in population.

  • The first Georgian-language printing house was established in the 1620s in Italy, and the first one in Georgia itself was founded in 1709 in Tbilisi.

  • Georgian people and culture have been impacted by Asian as well as European cultures. This is a quite exotic mix worth experience.

  • In rural areas people greet strangers, so don’t forget to say Hi!

Finally,we came to Wine and Food!
  • Georgian wine is something you have never tasted before. Grapes are crashed together with skin and then vinified in clay vessels buried under the ground. These vessels are called Qvevri. They are thoroughly washed and waxed from inside. This gives Georgian wine a darker color, a bit oxidized tones and some tannins.

  • “World´s oldest wine” found in 8.000-year-old in Georgia. (BBC)

If you would like to know more - it is a good posibility to visit ALAVERDI, where the owner of the wine-restaurant is Georgian and he will be happy to share knowledges about the culture.

Thank you and WELCOME!